WordPress is the industry leading content management system (C.M.S.) and is used by over 60 million websites. The reason for this is that is is both easy to use and very reliable. It has many features that you can use (for free) including anti spam, a great editor for your content and anti-hacking tools. Plus much much more.

Using a CMS will mean that you will be able to add, edit and remove the pages of your website without the need to know anything about HTML or programming. This will give you complete control over the content of your website without the need to contact the developer (us) to make any changes.

WordPress is extremely easy to use and there are thousands of free tutorials on the internet (websites and videos) that will explain anything you need to know.

WordPress has the built in ability to ‘check in’ to ensure that you have the latest up to date version. This is very important in this day and age so that your website is as secure as possible against any hacking attempts. We will also install extra functionality that will monitor for such activites and alert you if anything untoward is detected.